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Why Do I Get Restless Legs?

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Why Do I Get Restless Legs?

Restless leg syndrome is an irresistible urge to move your legs, particularly when seated or at night when you are trying to sleep. It affects twice as many women than men.  Main features are:

  • Worse at night
  • Triggered by rest or sleep
  • Movement helps relieve symptoms.

Chinese Medicine for Restless Leg Syndrome

In Chinese medicine terms, restless leg syndrome is due to poor blood flow to the leg muscles. If the blood flow is poor, then the muscles of the legs do not get the oxygen and nutrients they should. When starved of oxygen and nutrients muscles will start to spasm, leading to leg movement. Other signs your blood flow is poor is cold hands and feet, heavy legs and tiredness.

Acupuncture melbourne and Chinese herbs are used to restore good blood flow to your legs.  Good blood flow brings more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles to reduce and prevent restless leg syndrome.