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What Cupping Treats

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What Cupping Treats

Cupping therapy is performed by applying a flame to the inside of a glass cup and then placing the glass cup on the skin.  The flame consumes all of the oxygen in the cup, which then creates suction.  The cup is not hot and there is no pain associated with using a flame. The suction of the cup increases the blood flow to the area of cupping to help eliminate toxins and solicit a natural healing response by the body.

Below are the health problems that cupping can treat.  Cupping is often used alongside acupuncture.

Abdominal pain – most pain is due to stagnation of blood or the accumulation of Damp or both.  It can be associated with digestion (pain associated with eating) or gynaecology (pain associated with periods). Cupping over the abdomen helps relieve pain.

Asthma – cupping is used to treat both deficient asthma (weak, short of breath, feels cold) and excess asthma (red face and cheeks, feels hot, wheezing, cough with phlegm, short of breath). One advantage is that children can be much more easily treated with cupping rather than acupuncture.

Back pain – this is one of the most common health problems that cupping is used for.  Cupping can be used for lower back pain, mid back pain (between the shoulder blades – so common these days from too much PC usage) and upper back pain.  Cupping is often done after acupuncture melbourne to substantially increase blood flow and the effectiveness of the overall treatment.

Boils – a cup is applied directly over the boil and the suction literally sucks the pus out of it.

Common Cold – If you feel a cold coming on, get down to your Chinese medicine clinic pronto for some cupping.  Cupping is applied to your upper back and basically sucks the pathogen out of you.  To stop a cold taking hold of you, you really only have a 12-24 hour window to receive cupping treatment.  If a cold has already grabbed you, cupping will help you get rid of it.

Cough – a lingering cough that just won’t go away can be treated very successfully with cupping and Chinese herbs.  Cups are applied to the upper back and lower back to directly treat the lungs and the kidneys (both of which influence coughing).

Heat-stroke/fevers – cupping sucks the heat out of your body to cool you down to reduce the period and effects of heat-stroke and fever.

Recoverycupping helps athletes recover faster and better prepare for the next round of exercise.

Joint pain – cupping is applied to and around shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, know and ankle joints to treat pain and discomfort.  Cupping improves blood flow and decreased inflammation for faster healing.

Wind-stroke and facial paralysis – up to 5 small cups are applied the side of the face affected.  This is the most common treatment for wind-stroke in China.

Tiredness – cupping for a short duration of 5 minutes can boost energy levels considerably.

Who can get cupping?

Cupping is suitable for all ages.  Gentle and shorter-time cupping is applied to children and the elderly.  Stronger and longer-time cupping is applied to adults.