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Wedding Health

Look and Feel Amazing Inside and Out on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life, so do you want to look and feel the best you ever have?

Looking and feeling your best means:

  • You feel great by having plenty of energy and feeling relaxed, happy and confident!
  • You look great as your skin is clear, evenly toned and glowing!

Your Health Directly Affects How You Look and Feel

Your health has a significant impact on how you feel internally and how you look externally.  If you experience any of the following problems then there are issues with your health that can be treated and restored to an optimal level.

  • Excess weight – looking great in your wedding dress can be difficult if you are carrying more weight than you would like. Emotional eating may also be an issue.
  • Anxiety – being stressed-out and anxious about your wedding day, means you may not be able to fully enjoy your day or the experience leading up to it. As there is so much to organise, it can be easy to become overwhelmed and stressed.
  • Skin conditions – acne, psoriasis, hives, facial flushing, shingles, urticaria – none of these are great to have on your wedding day.
  • Sleep problems and tiredness – bags under your eyes and no energy to organise everything. This lack of energy may be phycological or physical.
  • Menstrual problems – if your wedding day happens to fall during your cycle you may experience bloating, cramps, headaches and any of the other period symptoms you usually get.
  • Digestion issues – IBS, bowel issues and bloating are not great to have on your wedding day.
  • Depression – finding joy in the lead-up and on your wedding day is an important part of the whole experience of getting married.
  • Sinus problems – may flare up during any spring weddings. Sinus problems make you look and feel really tired, can give you headaches and make you feel just awful.
  • Pain – if you have chronic pain it can make it difficult to experience and enjoy your day.

What Can You Do?

Chinese medicine can successfully treat all of these problems.  Our aim is to help ensure that you don’t experience any health issues leading up to and on your wedding day so you can have a wonderful time and be focused on what really matters.

Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and diet are highly effective treatments for the conditions we highlighted above:

What Results Can You Expect?

  • Weight loss and maintenance – lose weight and tone-up without having to starve yourself or exercise excessively to look fantastic in your wedding dress. Also, maintain your weight between your final dress fitting and your wedding day.
  • Calm and relaxed – be less anxious, happier and more content.
  • Clear skin– have clearer skin that’s glowing.
  • Restful sleep– sleep better, have more energy and look much healthier.
  • Regular menstrual cycles– substantially reduce or eliminate any period problems you typically experience.
  • Digestive wellness – stable digestion and no bloating.
  • Feeling happy and fulfilled – be less depressed to enjoy the lead up and the day more.
  • Clear sinuses – no sinus problems, pressure or headaches.
  • Pain-free – substantially reduce or eliminate pain.

One of the great things about Chinese medicine is that we can treat many of these issues at once.  So, if you have a number of these health issues, don’t worry, we can help.

We also coach you about good health around exercise, diet, stress management and so much more! You’re not alone – we are with you all the way!

What Should You Do Now?

If you would like to substantially improve your health so you look and feel great on your wedding day, come and see us for an initial visit.

Book in for an initial full health intake and treatment.  We spend about an hour with you to find out about everything you would like us to help you with so we can then advise you of the best course of treatment.  We will also provide acupuncture to get you started.

Treatment Options

We’ll talk to you about what you would like and tailor what we do for you to your requirements, but here’s some typical treatment options.

Time Before Wedding Stage Focus
4-12 months Improving your base health Losing weight, dealing with any longer-term health issues including digestion, period, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, sinusitis and pain that are impacting your weight, skin and mood.
1-3 months Getting ready for your wedding day Maintaining weight, clearing and rejuvenating skin, calming and energising.


Don’t Leave it Too Late!

Don’t wait until the last minute to restore your health, remember that your health must always come first above all else! Treating many of the health issues highlighted above takes a little time. Come and see us early so we have enough time to help you.

To glow inside and out for your wedding day, call us today on ph. 9988 1928.