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Varicocele (Teste) Pain

varicocele pain

Varicocele (Teste) Pain

A varicocele is an enlargement of the veins in the scrotum.  It is not unlike varicose veins that you find in the leg. Varicoceles can occur with no symptoms at all.  Other times symptoms may appear including pain, impeded teste growth and low sperm count leading to infertility.  Varicoceles mainly affect younger men.

In Chinese medicine terms varicoceles are a result of too much heat in the groin and testes.  The heat ‘cooks’ the sperm thereby affecting the sperm’s production and motility. The other common cause is poor blood flow in the testes.

If a varicocele brings no symptoms, then treatment is not necessary.  If there is pain, abnormal teste growth or infertility then treatment should be sought.  Western medicine treatment is usually surgery to redirect blood flow from the affected vein to healthy veins. Complications usually include pain for a few weeks. Sperm counts can take three months to improve after surgery.

Acupuncture usually provides immediate varicocele pain relief, with a series of treatments to maintain pain relief.  Chinese herbs are also used to reduce the amount of heat in the testes and to improve blood flow.

Our view is that surgery should always be a last resort. If you suffer from varicocele pain, come and see us for an acupuncture treatment to see how effectively we can reduce or eliminate your pain.