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The Heart is the Emperor

The Heart is the Emperor

The Heart is the Emperor and it must be treated!

The heart is considered ‘The Emperor Organ’ in Chinese medicine texts.  It is called that because it is number one in terms of its impact on your health.  Most of your other organs can be in pretty bad shape and you can live on.  But if your heart goes the consequences are much more serious.

Heart Health Affects Overall Health

If your heart is healthy, your blood flow is healthy.  If your blood flow is healthy then all areas of your body can function well and keep you in good health (everything the body needs is in your blood).

If your heart is unhealthy it adversely affects your entire body.  If your heart is a little unhealthy this can be enough to reduce the blood flow to your other organs to a point where they start to malfunction. When organs malfunction this leads to symptoms and health problems.  If your heart is very unhealthy the reduction in blood flow is more severe leading to more severe health problems and symptoms.

Diagnosing and Treating the Heart

Chinese pulse diagnosis is fairly unique in its ability to diagnose heart conditions well before they become serious problems (such as angina and clinical heart disease). Western medicine is what you need if you have these more serious problems, but the job of Chinese medicine is to diagnose heart function problems early to stop you from getting to that point in the first place.

Chinese herbs and acupuncture Melbourne are very efficient at improving your heart health and blood flow so your body can thrive. We treat dizziness, high blood pressure, palpitations, fatigue, vertigo, anaemia, low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat. Our treatment approach is to substantially improve blood flow by widening the vessels and strengthening the heart.

If you get tired easily or have anxiety or palpitations or can’t sleep well or have poor memory and/or concentration, these are all signs that your heart function is not right.  If you have any of these symptoms (and especially if there is a history of heart disease in your family) book a Free 15 Minute Chinese Medicine Health Check where we will read your pulse and tell you the condition of your heart in Chinese medicine terms.

A healthy heart is the key to good overall health.  Don’t put it off, book in for your Chinese Medicine Health Check today.

Note: If you already get chest pain or angina, go and see your GP for Western medicine treatment first.