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3 Massive Mistakes That Block Weight Loss That You Did This Morning

3 Massive Mistakes That Block Weight Loss That You Did This Morning

Here are the top three things you are doing each morning to prevent you from losing weight.


A Cold Breakfast Smoothie

The very popular morning smoothie has a hidden problem.  COLD!!!!

Your stomach and your spleen hate cold.  Cold impedes their ability to function properly as they work much better when they are warm.  Cold affects your enzyme production and it makes it difficult for you to digest your food properly.  A cold stomach and spleen force your body to produce a lot of what we in Chinese medicine call ‘Damp’.  Damp is similar to inflammation in western medical terms and it makes it easy to put weight on and hard to lose it. More about Damp below.

A Bowl of Cereal

We are a nation of cereal eaters. Cereals are almost entirely carbohydrate.  Carbohydrates like this are quickly broken down by your body into glucose (sugar) – even the ‘low fat’ and ‘weight loss friendly’ ones.

Excess blood glucose is readily stored by your body as fat.  Also, sugar forces your body to produce more Damp and more body fat (more on this below).

Too Much Fruit

We love our fruit, especially during summer.  We are always told that fruit is good for us.  And while fruit has plenty of vitamins and minerals that benefit us (most of which you can get from vegetables), many contain large quantities of sugar in the form of fructose.  Fructose is a natural sugar, but your body doesn’t differentiate between fructose and sucrose (table sugar) and readily converts both of them to blood glucose and the excess into excess body fat.  Fruit has been described as ‘nature’s lollies’. Tropical fruits are particularly high in fructose (watermelon, mangoes, lychees, etc…).  Fruits that are typically lower in fructose are citrus and berries.

Carbohydrate Makes Body Fat

Too much carbohydrates (which there is plenty of in breakfast cereal and fruit) leads to excess sugar in your blood (blood glucose).  Your body will use some of it to power its cells, but it will park what it doesn’t need as body fat.

Excess Damp

Too much cold food/drink and carbohydrates leads to your body producing too much Damp.  Damp is a Chinese medicine term that is best described as internal phlegm or inflammation. This contributes to digestive issues including bloating, gas and reflux and also makes you put weight on and also makes it very hard to lose. The Chinese have known this for a long time.

To Lose Weight

So, to lose weight, you need to eat more warm food and eat less carbohydrate and fruit (particularly high-fructose tropical fruits).  This will help reduce your blood glucose levels and help your body remove Damp – both of which will help you lose weight.

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On a More Technical Note

Those of you who want more detailed information.  Insulin is the main hormone associated with directing the use and storage of higher blood glucose levels. Excess blood glucose (typically due to a high carbohydrate diet) is initially stored as glycogen in the liver, but there is a limit to how much glucose can be stored this way.  Once the liver is ‘full’ your body will store excess blood glucose as lipids (body fat).