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Rapid Weight Loss Program

Rapid Weight Loss Program

  • 5 years of development
  • Integrating Chinese medicine and Western medicine approaches to weight loss 
  • Designed to overcome the weight loss challenges you face

Chinese medicine rapid weight loss has been used by many celebrities in Australia to lose weight quickly and healthily. Eddie McGuire recently brought media attention to Chinese medicine weight loss by losing 15kg in just three weeks. Our Rapid Weight Loss program is ideal if you really want to make a difference to how you look and how you feel about yourself in double-quick time if you are ready for a substantial change to your weight or even for a special event such as a wedding.  While you may have short-term weight loss goals, we strongly advocate long-term healthy and sustainable weight loss and maintenance.

Why You Gain Weight and Can’t Lose it – a Chinese Medicine Perspective

You will gain weight and find it difficult to lose if your digestion (your spleen and stomach) isn’t working well.  Signs of your digestion not working well include any of bloating, reflux, nausea, constipation or loose stool, fatigue, foggy head and heavy feeling in your body (particularly in the morning when you get up), allergies, low immunity and sweet cravings.

When your stomach and spleen don’t work as they should, your body produces a lot of what we Chinese medicine doctors call Damp.  Damp is similar to inflammation in Western medical terms and causes weight gain and prevents you from losing weight.  The Chinese have known this for centuries.

There is also an emotional element that contributes to weight gain through comfort eating and binge eating during times of high stress.

To successfully lose weight quickly, you must improve your digestive function and deal with the emotional side of food.

A Totally Different Approach to Weight Loss

Our all-natural and organic approach managed by qualified Doctors of Chinese Medicine delivers results very quickly and helps you keep those results over the long-term.

It does not rely on special dietary shakes, calorie counting or exercise.  Instead we use acupuncture and Chinese herbs to:

  • Return your digestive function to more normal levels
  • Help you get rid of Damp (inflammation)
  • Control your appetite
  • Strengthen your internal organs to substantially improve your emotional state. According to Chinese medicine, your organ health governs your mental health so strong, healthy organs = a strong mind
  • Keep your energy levels up.

Most importantly we help you lose the weight and then teach you how to keep it off.  The trouble with so many approaches to weight loss is that people just can’t keep it up and the weight comes back.  Weight loss that relies on exercise to burn the calories doesn’t work in the long run if you get injured or you simply run out of the time and energy to do it. Weight loss that relies on calorie counting is just too hard to maintain over the long-term. Once you achieve your goal weight, what we teach you becomes part of your everyday life and requires minimal effort.

The Three Stages of Rapid Weight Loss

weight loss chinese medicine
  1. Cleansing stage (2 weeks) – this stage aims to detoxifies your liver and help clean much of the Damp and inflammation out of your body. Fasting is also a significant feature of this stage.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbs control your appetite and keep your energy levels up during this stage.
  2. Strengthening stage (4 weeks) – this stage strengthens your digestion and sees you introduce more foods gradually back into your diet. Acupuncture and herbs continue to help your body burn fat, control your appetite and keep your energy up.
  3. Maintenance stage – this stage continues to strengthen your digestion, incorporates a wider range of foods and teaches you how to keep off the weight that you’ve lost.

All weight loss treatments are tailored to your circumstances and your weight loss goals so the timing of each stage will be discussed with you at your initial Free Rapid Weight Loss Consultation.

Our Rapid Weight Loss Program includes

  • Weight loss acupuncture and herbs (if you don’t like needles we can treat you entirely with herbs if you prefer).
  • Chinese Medicine Diet Consultation – where you learn about food and weight loss.
  • Medical management through the program – by a Doctor of Chinese Medicine.
  • Keep the Weight Off Consultation – where you learn how to keep the weight off once you’ve lost it.


How Well Does it Work?

We have been doing this for a long-time and patients are continually amazed at how well it works and how great they feel.

Our patients typically lose between 1 and 4 kilograms a week depending on their goals (note that weight loss will vary from person to person).

We would love to post testimonials from all of our patients who have lost weight, transformed their health and energy levels through our program, but we are not permitted to under the rules set down by the regulator of Health Practitioners. As a professional and registered health provider (unlike people who make protein shakes and weight loss centres) we are not permitted to use any form of testimonials in our advertising (including on this web site).  We are also not permitted to post ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos.

For this reason, we provide a 60 minute FREE Rapid Weight Loss Consultation where we will outline how our program works, examine your radial pulse (Chinese pulse diagnosis) to give you a working diagnosis for how well your digestive system is working, what organ health issues will be contributing to your emotional state around food and answer any and all questions you may have. You then have all of the information you need to decide if you would like to start our program.

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Are You Ready to Finally Do Something About Your Weight?

To once and for all change how you look and feel about yourself, book in for a 60 minute FREE Rapid Weight Loss Consultation with one of our Doctors of Chinese Medicine today.  You can also book in by calling 9988 1928.


Please note: we are only able to offer a limited number of these FREE Rapid Weight Loss Consultations.  They are available on a first-come first-served basis.  It is common not to be able to secure one of these appointments for 2-4 weeks.  We apologise if you experience any delay getting an appointment, but unfortunately we only have so many hours in the day!  If you go to bookings you can see our availability.