Our Process

Our Process is Designed to Treat the Root Cause of Health Problems with 100% Natural Remedies for Long-Lasting Natural Health

Our Process to Good Health

With the experience of over 50,000 patient visits completed by our practitioners we have fine-tuned our process of returning our patients to great health in the fastest possible time.

We know that getting to the bottom of the root cause of a health problem (the underlying cause) is the most important aspect of providing exceptional care.

If we understand the root cause then treatments tailored to address that underlying issue will generally be much more effective and long-lasting.

Our Case Review is all about discovering the root cause.

Thousands of our patients have finally achieved the results they were looking for through our approach.


We talk to you on the phone first to get a better understanding of your health issue to see if we can help you.  This is free.


If we believe we can help you we’ll book you in for a 1 hour Case Review where we do a deep dive into your health issue to uncover the underlying cause of your health concern.  At this appointment we’ll go deeply into your case by reviewing your health background, symptoms, diet, medications, family health history and carry out diagnostics including pulse diagnosis, adrenal testing, blood pressure, temperatures and more.  We’ll then recommend a treatment plan to treat the root cause of your health or pain problems.  


You complete your course of treatment. We constantly track and monitor your symptoms and improvements to keep you on track.



Once you’re feeling great again, we’ll recommend less frequent treatments to keep you feeling great.

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