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My Personal Weight Loss Story

sandra wu

My Personal Weight Loss Story

Dr Sandra Wu (Chinese Medicine) of our clinic has had her own struggles with weight and this is her story…


I am a well balanced person and am completely comfortable with myself now, but I didn’t always feel this way about my self-image and health.

You might not think so by looking at me now, but as a child and into my early teens I was extremely overweight and I was very self-conscious about the way I looked.

I grew up in country NSW, so not only did my Chinese heritage make me stand out from the crowd, being so overweight also attracted torment and nasty comments from others.

I remember one occasion in particular when at school the principal came into our classroom to check our progress. He struggled to get passed my chair as it was pushed out far from my desk (as I was so overweight) and he stumbled over the leg of my chair. He said to another student “That’s what happens when you’re too fat”. I was so embarrassed and felt humiliated.

Being overweight also affected me physically too. While other students were active and doing sporting activities, I struggled to keep up – suffering from shortness of breath and joint pain. I used to also wear big shirts over my swim wear so people couldn’t see my ‘fat rolls’.

It was when I was in my teens that I decided to talk to my parents about trying to lose weight. They were really helpful and supportive.

I cut down my food portions and stopped eating junk food, processed carbohydrates and sugary foods/drinks. And with the advice of my parents, I did some basic intermittent fasting (although we didn’t really call it that at the time).  My mother would make me herbal soups to drink, which helped sustain my energy levels, stopped me from getting hungry and helped with the functioning of my internal organs to improve my overall health.  I quickly started to shed all of those extra kilos.  Before I knew it, I could more confidently play sports, be in photos and make friends more easily. It was so nice to be able to ‘fit in’!  It really changed my life for the better.

I was lucky in that my parents were very knowledgeable about food, herbs and health and were very supportive. I am forever grateful for what they taught me about healthy eating and have continued to follow their advice for the last 20 years.

Did I Ever Put the Weight Back On?

Yes, but only as result of being pregnant. I gained nearly 20kgs after the birth of child 1, 2 and 3. But managed to quickly come back down to my ideal weight each time with the same approach to weight loss that I learned from my parents.

Rapid Weight Loss Program

After 5 years of development, applying the same principles of weight loss I have used for 20 years, we have developed our Rapid Weight Loss Program.  Our program is designed to help people quickly and permanently lose weight to help transform their lives.

60 Minute Free Rapid Weight Loss Consultation

I have been where you are now.  I understand how being overweight affects you and how liberating it is to finally lose all of those extra kilos!  If you want to come and talk to me about our program to see if it’s something you would like to do too, you can book in for a free 60 minute Rapid Weight Loss Consultation with me or with Dr Julia Cho (Chinese Medicine).

We look forward to meeting you!