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Migraine Treatment


Migraine Treatment

I’ve had many patients come to me to help them with their migraines. Some of them have migraines monthly at the time of their period, others a few times a week and some even daily!

Migraines can be debilitating. Symptoms include pain, vision problems, strong neck or sinus pain, fatigue and the inability to function properly throughout the day.  It affects your ability to work, your relationships and how you enjoy life. I’ve even had a patient who writes off one day every week (weekly migraine) where they have to pull all the blinds to create a dark room and go to bed for 24 hours!

What Triggers Migraines?

From my clinical experience there are a number of things that seem to trigger migraines.

  • Neck Problems – many migraines originate from neck pain and tension.
  • Sinus Problemschronic sinusitis can lead to migraines, especially during flare-ups.
  • Periods – the loss of blood during a period can lead to migraines.
  • Strong light – sensitivity to strong lights like fluoro can set off a migraine.
  • Smells – strong smells like perfumes or burnt toast can trigger a migraine.
  • Stress – high stress can bring on migraine.

A combination of any or all of these – in some cases there are a number of the above issues occurring simultaneously that bring on and strengthen migraines.

Common Treatment

The most common treatments for migraine are drugs.  Triptans, codeine, paracetamol and NSAIDs are used for acute attacks. Beta blockers, channel blockers, anti-depressants and NSAIDs are used as preventatives. Many of these drugs have side-effects and do not deal with the primary cause of migraines.  Stop the drug and migraines will likely come back.

Treating Migraines With Acupuncture in Melbourne

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be highly effective in treating migraines. Firstly we need to determine what is causing your migraines.  We do this by reading your pulse and asking some questions. After we figure out the cause we use acupuncture, Chinese herbs and diet to treat the cause with the objective stopping your migraines at the source of the problem. If you have multiple triggers, we can treat them all at the same time. By successfully treating the root cause of migraines we may also be able to reduce or get you off any migraine-specific medication.

If you want to know what is most likely causing your migraines and if we believe we can help you, book in for a free 15 minute Chinese Medicine Health Check to find out.