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Lunch and Learn

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FREE ‘Lunch & Learn’ Session for Your Workplace or Club

We do presentations on Chinese medicine in the workplace or club followed by pulse diagnosis for anyone who would like their pulse read.

  • A 30 minute presentation (see details below).
  • Q&A
  • Free pulse diagnosis


The presentation:

How’s Your Health, Really? A Chinese Medicine Perspective.

Modern living, diet and stress has an enormous impact on our health. Are we really as healthy as we think we are?

Dr of Chinese Medicine, Bruce Stafford will:

  • Reveal our collective state of health in Australia.
  • Discuss how effectively we are dealing with our health issues.
  • Look at how our health is affecting our lives.
  • Detail how you can assess your health.
  • Show you how Chinese medicine can boost your health.

Dr Bruce is also considered an expert at Chinese pulse diagnosis and will stay on after his presentation to read pulses.  In 60 seconds, Chinese pulse diagnosis can tell you all about your health.


The presentation is given in an informative and entertaining way and is a great way for staff or club members to learn more about health and Chinese medicine.  People find the Chinese medicine approach to good health fascinating!

Chinese Medicine is the largest medical system in the world used by more people than any other system.  It has 3000 years of history behind it and can treat a very wide range of health problems.  It really is an ancient medicine for modern health.

We can do the presentation within or outside of work hours.

If you are interested, please contact us on ph. 9988 1928 for more information.

[Note: Lunch & Learn presentations are delivered mainly in the Melbourne city, Melbourne North and Melbourne West areas.  If you are not sure you are in these areas please call us to have a chat.]