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Irritated, Frustrated or Even Angry All the Time?

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Irritated, Frustrated or Even Angry All the Time?

You’ve probably got liver function problems.

Are you:

  • Easily irritated – the littlest things set you off (someone doesn’t let you merge when driving?, your husband doesn’t put the toothpaste back where he found it?, there’s a speling error in this article?…..). [Yes, I know it says ‘speling’]
  • Frustrated all the time – people are annoying and in your way all the time, you can’t get things done or ahead, you’re very frustrated with work or not doing what you really want to be doing…
  • Angry – “I swear to God, if that guy looks at me that way again…”

If any of these is you, then it’s likely you have liver function problems from a Chinese medicine perspective.

What’s Your Liver Got To Do With It?

According to Chinese medicine, the health of your organs has a considerable impact on your mood and mental state.  The main emotions that your liver governs are irritability, frustration and anger. The liver has been termed ‘the fence to our emotions’ – if it is healthy then our fence is up and we have balanced emotions.  But if it is not then our fence is down and things really get to us and we get irritated, frustrated or even angry.  It can also make us more predisposed to depression, PMS and period pain.

How Does the Liver Get Like That?

Stress has a major impact on the liver.  If you live a very stressful life, your liver is under constant strain and attack.  This is the most common reason for liver function problems.  Drinking can impact the liver, but you would have to drink to excess (alcoholic levels) to ‘knock your fence down’ to the point where it is really effecting your emotions.

Acupuncture for Your Liver

By treating your liver with acupuncture Melbourne and Chinese herbs we aim to return the liver function back to normal. When your liver is functioning normally you should feel much calmer and in control and far less irritated, frustrated or angry.