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How Acupuncture Works

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How Acupuncture Works

How Acupuncture Gets Rid of Long-Term Pain

If you’ve often wondered how acupuncture works to get rid of pain, read on to find out how.  But first just a little bit about short-term and long-term pain.


Pain You’ve Had for Only a Short Time

Acute (or short-term) pain occurs because you injure an area by overstretching, through impact, just straining too much or overuse.  This causes local damage to the area (your muscles, ligaments and tendons).  The pain should only be there for a short period as your body should fix itself.


The natural repair mechanism by which your body fixes the problem is:

  1. Nerve receptors in the local area pick up the damage from the injury and send a signal to the brain. That’s the OUCH!
  2. Your brain then sends the pain killers (hormones like endorphins and enkephalins) and repair crew (white and red blood cells, collagen, etc..) to the area to reduce pain and fix the problem.

Pain You’ve Had for a Longer Time (over 2 months)

When you have chronic (or long-term) pain – that’s pain that just doesn’t seem to get any better regardless of how much massage you get or how many pain killers you take – this is a different story.  It’s no longer a muscle issue.  It’s actually a neurological issue.


The reason is that your body’s natural repair mechanism (see above) has gone haywire and even though your brain still registers the pain, for some unknown reason it has stopped sending the repair crew and the pain killers to the area (the main thinking is that it’s due to wear-out – that is the brain just gets sick of trying to fix the problem and stops trying).


This is very common and the result is that you get stuck in a cycle of chronic pain that you just can’t get out of.


Acupuncture Treatment Restarts Your Body’s Natural Repair Mechanism

A skillful acupuncturist restarts your body’s natural repair mechanism immediately by inserting small needles in the right places.  Within seconds your body increases the blood flow to the area of pain to begin repairing the problem and reducing the pain.  There is often a dramatic reduction of pain as a result, even at the first visit.


Ultimately, the only thing that can fix your body is itself.  Acupuncture kick starts your body’s natural healing power again.  Acupuncture is quite unique in its ability to do this and this is the main reason it is used so widely for the treatment of pain.


Whether you’ve got neck pain, back pain, hip pain, elbow pain, fibromyalgia, sciatica, neuropathy and pretty well any other type of pain, acupuncture works in the same way and just as well on all of them.


Come and Try Acupuncture for Yourself

If you have pain or discomfort, want to stop taking pain-killers or don’t want surgery, come in for an initial appointment.  If we can substantially reduce your pain at the first appointment it means acupuncture will work for you.  This way you can make an informed decision about whether or not to continue treatment.