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How Acupuncture Works


How Acupuncture Works

What is Pain?

Most long-term pain is a neurological (brain) problem rather than a muscle/soft tissue problem. This is the reason why we develop chronic pain that we can’t seem to get rid of regardless of how much massage we get, how many pain killers we take or how much physio or exercise we do.

How Does Your Body Manage Injury & Pain?

Your body is very good at repairing itself.  When you hurt yourself the following happens naturally:

  1. Your nerves in the injured area send a signal to your brain so you feel pain – ouch!
  2. Your brain sends the repair crew (white and red blood cells, macrophages, collagen, etc..) to the area to fix things up and it also sends natural pain killers (hormones like endorphins and enkephalins) to the area to reduce the pain.
  3. Your body fixes the problem via the increased blood flow to the area.

This process is called the pain gateway.

What Goes Wrong?

When we develop chronic pain (pain for more than a few months) it means that something has gone wrong with your body’s normal ‘fixing’ processes.  Simply put: your brain has become tired of trying to fix the problem and has stopped trying.  And until your body’s pain gateway mechanism is fixed you will still have pain.

What Does Acupuncture Do

By inserting very small sterile needles into certain areas of your body it re-opens your body’s pain gateway immediately. Your brain starts doing its job again – to repair the problem and reduce the pain.

The pain relief is dramatic and usually within about 10 seconds of putting the needles in.

Acupuncture retrains your brain to do its job.  Once your pain gateway is working properly again, your body should look after itself and you should have no more pain.

If we can remove (or substantially reduce) your pain immediately it means that you respond well to acupuncture and that acupuncture in melbourne should work well for you. From here we can determine how much treatment you will likely need.