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How Healthy are You Really?

How Healthy Are You Really?

The 1 Minute Chinese Medicine Health Test

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that all aspects of a person must be in balance for happiness and good health. Any imbalance leads to symptoms, which in turn leads to disease. So, the secret to avoiding disease is to resolve symptoms. The earlier these symptoms are treated, the easier they are to resolve. This prevents disease for a happy and healthy life.

This 1 minute test will tell you if you have an organ imbalance and the extent of it. Organ health is the key to good health.

Note: it is not normal to have any of the symptoms below - real health is the absence of symptoms. A person does not usually have all symptoms - even one persistent symptom is enough to signify a problem.

Instructions: check ALL symptoms you have experienced in the last 3 months. You can check multiple boxes.

Liver / Gall Bladder

Stomach / Spleen

Lung / Large Intestine

Kidney / Bladder

Heart / Small Intestine