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Health Test Results

The number of symptoms you checked = 0

Your overall health score* = Above average overall health.

  • Above average overall health means that you are in very good overall health. You may still have a symptom or two that affects you, but your overall health is good.
  • Average overall health means that your level of health is common. You will have a number of symptoms that are really affecting you.
  • Below average overall health means that you have some health challenges and are experiencing a larger number of symptoms that are affecting you.

Your Specific Symptom Area Scores*

Liver / Gall Bladder Stomach / Spleen Lung / Large Intestine Kidney / Bladder Heart / Small Intestine
0 0 0 0 0

The scores above reflect which of your organs may be affecting your health from a Chinese medicine perspective. The higher the number the greater the affect that organ is having on your health. For example a '1' means that organ is having a smaller effect or your health and a '3' (or higher) means it is having a larger effect on your health.

Would You Like Further Information?

We make a limited number of 20 minute FREE Health Consultations available each week on a first-booked, first-served basis. If you would like more information about your scores, your overall health or any specific health issues you can book a FREE Health Consultation here. We will also diagnose your radial pulse using Chinese Pulse Diagnosis to help us determine your true overall health and the specific cause of your health symptoms. We'll also let you know if and how we can help you. You can then decide if you would like any help from us or simply take away what you have learned about your health.

If you have any health issues that are affecting your ability to enjoy life, come and see us for a FREE Health Consultation. Note that we only make a limited number of these available so please bear with us if we are unable to book you in for a few weeks.

*Remember that this scoring is from a Chinese medicine perspective. It does not mean that there is a health problem from a Western Medicine perspective. We have learned from over 10,000 consultations that in most cases the body starts to exhibit symptoms well before real disease sets in. Think of symptoms as the body's early warning system that something is not right - something is out of balance. Real health is the absence of symptoms. In our clinical experience, often the body will exhibit symptoms well before any Western medicine tests can pick up a problem.

This test should be looked at as a guide and not a reliable medical test. Do not rely on this test alone. This test represents a small set of symptoms we often see in clinical practice (the list of symptoms is not exhaustive). Our goal here is to help you understand your overall health position from a Chinese medicine perspective and to better understand which organs are likely to be out of balance. If you are concerned or would like further information about your specific situation, we offer a limited number of free 20 minute health consultations.