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Fatty Liver and Cirrhosis of the Liver

Fatty liver

Fatty Liver and Cirrhosis of the Liver

Fatty liver is the build up of excess fat in the liver cells, which can lead to cirrhosis of the liver and more serious health complications.

In Chinese medicine we allocated three stages to fatty liver.  We can determine which stage you are at by diagnosing your radial pulse at your wrist.  The stage you are at (based on the type of pulse you have) will determine what herbs we have to use to treat your fatty liver.

Stage 1 Fatty Liver

Stage 1 fatty liver is caused by overeating fatty foods (particularly ‘bad’ fats) or too much carbohydrate (carbohydrate is turned into glucose, glucose is a precursor to triglyceride production in the liver). It is also caused by working too much, not enough rest, too much stress or long periods of staying up a night.  As the first stage of fatty liver this is the easiest for us to treat with Chinese herbs and acupuncture.

Stage 2 Fatty Liver

Stage 2 fatty liver is typically caused by too much alcohol. It is a more severe form of fatty liver, which is still treatable with Chinese herbs and acupuncture in melbourne.

Stage 3 Fatty Liver

This is the final stage of a fatty liver as cirrhosis of the liver begins to develop. Alcohol consumption is not always involved (ie. people who don’t drink can develop cirrhosis of the liver).  As the final stage of fatty liver it is the most dangerous to your health.

Treatment for fatty liver

Western medicine doesn’t not have a specific treatment for fatty liver and most treatment advice centres around adjusting diet and exercise.

Chinese medicine has specific treatments for fatty liver at any of its three stages.  Treatment is uses specific Chinese herbs to:

  • Clean and detoxify the liver and the gall bladder
  • Shrink the liver
  • Improve the blood flow to the liver to encourage cell regeneration

Chinese herbs are a drug-free and side-effect-free method of treatment for fatty liver and cirrhosis of the liver.

If you would like to chat to us about treatment before you commence any, feel free to book a free 15 minute Chinese medicine health check and pulse diagnosis.