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Chinese Medicine Treats Just About Everything

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Chinese Medicine Treats Just About Everything

We often have patients mentioning they had a health problem of some sort and went to their GP about it.  They are usually given medications.  Sometimes they relieve the problem symptoms.  Other times they don’t. The medication usually just masks the symptoms and does not treat the root cause.  The result of finally discontinuing the medication is either that the body has fixed the issue in the meantime and the symptoms don’t come back OR the symptoms come raging back.

A classic case is chronic reflux.  Nexium is often prescribed, but the symptoms almost always come back when the patient comes off the Nexium.

I normally ask, “why didn’t you come and see us about it?” and I usually get the same response: “I didn’t know you treated that!”.

Chinese Medicine is a Highly Sophisticated Medical System

There is not much that Chinese medicine does not treat.  It is a very old yet highly sophisticated medicine capable of dealing with the vast majority of health problems.  Chinese medicine treats both the symptoms (and more importantly) the root cause of the problem.  Fix the root cause and the symptoms will naturally go away.  It also means that you won’t have to take pharmaceutical drugs for the rest of your life.

So What Does Chinese Medicine Treat Well?

In our clinic, we routinely treat many of the following ailments:

  • Pain – any pain, anywhere.
  • Respiratory health – asthma, coughing, common cold, allergies, sinusitis.
  • Heart health – fatigue, anxiety, blood pressure, insomnia, vessel stenosis.
  • Head health – headaches and migraines.
  • Mental health – anxiety, depression, irritability, mania, anger.
  • Digestive health – reflux, IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, gastritis, ulcers, gall stones, stomach pain, parasites, dysbiosis.
  • Weight – over weight, under weight.
  • Skin health – eczema, psoriasis, rashes, acne.
  • Women’s health – menstruation problems, PMS, hot flushes, infertility.
  • Other health – continence, kidney stones, prostate problems, cancer support.
  • Unexplained problems – people often come to us when they are having health problems and Western medicine can find nothing wrong with them.

So What Does Chinese Medicine Not Treat Well?

In our experience, the health problems that Chinese medicine (and frankly Western medicine too) does not treat well are:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Trauma (broken bones, cuts, soft tissue damage, heart attack, etc…)

Chinese medicine can help alleviate symptoms, but (in our view) it cannot ‘fix’ these issues.

Trauma vs Chronic Disease

Western medicine is far better than Chinese medicine at treating trauma.  Western medicine was born in Europe out of necessity of having a way of dealing with the injuries of war.  Trauma is where Western medicine started and what it is so very good at.  So basically, if you cut your fingers off don’t go to a Chinese medicine practitioner, go to a hospital!

Chinese medicine including acupuncture in melbourne is much better at treating chronic disease. Chronic disease occurs because something has gone wrong within the body.  Western medicine usually ‘manages’ chronic disease by making the patient feel more comfortable through the use of drugs and surgery.  Chinese medicine treats the symptom AND the root cause of the problem.  This provides both short-term and long-term relief from symptoms – without the use of drugs or surgery. Sometimes drugs or surgery are required, but you owe it to your long-term health to see if you can deal with any health challenges naturally.

Next Time Ask Yourself

So next time a health issue pops up ask yourself:

  • Is my health problem a chronic problem or trauma-related?
  • Where can I best get this health issue treated and resolved?
  • Do I want to take pharmaceutical drugs for the symptoms or do I want the root cause of the problem addressed for longer-term health?

Next time, come and see us for highly effective, natural treatment for pretty-well whatever is bothering you!