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Cardiovascular Health

Acupuncture for Good Heart Health

In Chinese medicine the Heart is considered the Emperor organ. Its health determines the health of all other organs. By reading your pulse we can determine a lot about the health of your heart including picking up coronary occlusions and valve problems and often before they are revealed in Western tests.

Cardiovascular disease is one of the highest causes of death in Australia. In Western medicine, the Gold Standard to determine a coronary occlusion (blockage) is an angiogram, which is usually only ordered after a patient fails a treadmill test or has severe angina, as angiograms are expensive and invasive. Treadmill tests can only register blood flow blockages of 70% or more so there are many people unknowingly walking around with early stage heart disease.

If the patient has had symptoms the Doctor may conduct an EKG which tells the Doctor if the patient has already had a heart attack or if there is heartbeat irregularity – it doesn’t reveal blockages.

Through pulse diagnosis, we can pick up heart problems early and treat them accordingly. Our aim is to treat any heart problems before they reach crisis stage.

We treat dizziness, high blood pressure, palpitations, fatigue, vertigo, anaemia, low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat – all by improving the blood flow to the heart.  This is done using Chinese herbs and acupuncture that naturally vasodilate (open up) the vessels in an around the heart.

Our treatment approach is to substantially improve blood flow by widening the vessels and strengthening the heart.

There is also a very strong link between heart health and anxiety and liver health and depression in Chinese medicine.

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