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Can’t Sleep

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Can’t Sleep

Can’t Sleep?

A poor night’s sleep plagues a lot of people.  Some people take hours to get to sleep and others keep waking up during the night.  Some people have both problems.  Any way you look at it, poor sleep impacts your health, energy levels, productivity and mood.

Why Do So Many People Have Insomnia?

Chinese medicine has been diagnosing and treating insomnia and sleep problems for thousands of years. Modern lifestyles have exacerbated the problems, but the causes still remain the same. Let me go through the causes of sleep problems in Chinese medicine terms.

Can’t Get to Sleep?

If you can’t get to sleep then there’s an issue with your heart function. Rather than it being something serious (in Western medical terms) it is more often just a weak or overactive heart causing the problem.  People with heart function problems can find it difficult to get to sleep and often also have any of anxiety, fatigue and brain fog as well.

Keep Waking up During the Night?

If you get to sleep but keep waking up during the night then there’s an issue with your liver function. Stress really affects your liver and an overactive liver keeps waking you up – especially between 1am and 3am. People with liver function problems often are easily irritated or frustrated and may also have depression.

Having Really Vivid Dreams?

If you have really vivid dreams it means that you’re too hot. Are you usually warmer than those around you?  In winter is everyone else wearing a jumper but you’re not?  In summer do you sweat a lot – often for no good reason? There’s a whole raft of reasons why you may be too hot – stress, menopause or diet to name a few.  The hotter you are the more vivid (and in extreme cases, violent) your dreams are.  It can make it hard to get a good night’s sleep.

Pain Waking You Up?

Pain can easily stop you from getting a good night’s shuteye. Chronic back pain, neck pain, hip pain, sciatica, knee pain or elbow pain can all hurt just while you lie there but especially as you move during the night.

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

You can take sleeping pills or pain killers to get some sleep, but these are really short term fixes – you can’t take them for too long and they don’t deal with the root cause of insomnia.  When you stop taking these medications your sleep will go back to being terrible.

Chinese herbs and acupuncture Melbourne works to return your heart and liver function to normal, cool you down if you are too hot and eliminate pain if it’s keeping you up at night.

For a drug-free good night’s sleep come and see us for a free 15 minute Chinese medicine health check.