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Acupuncture in Melbourne

acupuncture in melbourne

Acupuncture in Melbourne

According to there are over 200 acupuncture practices in Melbourne. Practices can be acupuncture only, Chinese herbs only or both acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Acupuncture has long been available in Melbourne, particularly from Acupuncture practitioners migrating to Australia from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

History of Melbourne Acupuncture

Some of the first acupuncture clinics opened up in Melbourne back in the 1960s and 70s, but were typically in areas with higher Asian populations. Asians were much more familiar with acupuncture and also spoke the same language as practitioners. I sometimes come across people who recall receiving acupuncture in Melbourne back in the 1970s, but these are few and far between.

Acupuncture in Melbourne

Acupuncture in Melbourne has grown considerably since the 1970s. Originally dominated by Asian practitioners, more and more Caucasian practitioners have studied acupuncture and Chinese medicine and opened acupuncture clinics in Melbourne.  Well regarded and comprehensive acupuncture courses are offered in Melbourne by RMIT and Southern School of Natural Therapies.

There are acupuncturists in the Melbourne CBD as well as Melbourne’s northern, Western, Eastern and Southern suburbs.  There is a higher density of practices closer towards Melbourne city.

Whilst most clinics treat all ailments, some Melbourne acupuncture clinics have specialised in particular areas including fertility, cosmetic, sports and cardiovascular health.

In Melbourne there are plenty of clinic choices so:

  • Have a good look at web sites
  • Look at Google or other reviews
  • Understand what they are good at