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Acupuncture for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


Acupuncture for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is the catch-all term used to describe gastro-intestinal troubles that Western medicine cannot find a reason for.  We’ve had a lot of patients recently come to us with ‘IBS’ having been to their doctor, referred to a gastric specialist, been through gastroscopies and endoscopies and had full blood work done – with the end result being ‘you’ve got irritable bowel syndrome’.

Medical Treatment of IBS

Western medical treatment of IBS usually includes substantial diet modification (e.g. FODMAP or gluten-free diet), anti-diarrheal or antispasmodic medications or sometimes as a last-ditch effort, patients are prescribed anti-depressants.  The main issue here is that because the Western medicine cause of IBS is unknown, the treatment focuses only on attempting to relieve symptoms rather than treating the (unknown) root cause of the problem.

Chinese Medicine Treatment of IBS

Chinese medicine knows exactly what causes IBS and how to treat it.  The main culprit is usually the liver.  The liver is highly effected by stress and emotion, which is why Western medicine links stress to IBS and prescribes anti-depressants to try to alleviate symptoms.  The other culprit is the large intestine itself. Specific acupuncture melbourne and Chinese herbs are used to treat the liver, small intestine, stomach and bowel.  By returning these organs to normal functioning, IBS will usually substantially reduce or go away entirely.

This is treating the root cause of the problem.  No root cause anymore = no more IBS.

The Secret to Highly Effective Treatment is in Your Radial Pulse

As Chinese medicine is most effective when tailored for individuals, we will read your radial pulse and tell you exactly what is causing your IBS (in Chinese medicine terms) and how it is best treated.

If you are tired of gut and bowel problems, come and see us for relief.

You can book in for immediate treatment or for a free Chinese Medicine Health Check & Pulse Diagnosis if you want to hear what we’ve got to say before you start any treatment.