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What Difference Would Less Stress, Less Pain, More Energy and Improved Health Make to Your Life?
Acupuncture is a form of medicine originating thousands of years ago in China. Chinese Emperors lived very long, healthy and productive lives through Chinese medicine. Emperor’s Acupuncture practices the Emperor’s medicine by not only treating individual ailments but also turning people’s health around so they too can live longer, healthier and more productive lives.

Acupuncture is a drug-free therapy for a wide range of health problems.


About Dr Bruce Stafford (CMD)

  • Pain relief expert
  • Heart health
  • Advanced Chinese pulse diagnosis
  • Licensed with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia
  • Member of The Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association

I am the Medical Director and founder of Emperor’s Acupuncture. As a pain relief specialist, I have performed over 5,000 acupuncture treatments to help people who didn’t know where to turn to with their pain and who simply thought they were out of options. They were often told that their pain was ‘normal’ and that they would just have to put up with it and continue to take pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications.

Many of my patients had already seen a raft of other practitioners including conventional western medical and allied health only to be discouraged and disappointed in the outcome.  I often call myself ‘last resort Larry’ – when people have tried everything else, they come to me!

My Background

I’ve been studying martial arts for over 30 years.  This is how I first became interested in Chinese medicine.  Martial arts was the easy part. Helping people heal was much more difficult. I am also Tai Chi and Qigong instructor.

After completing my qualification and fulfilling all the requirements for national registration , I spent thousands of hours studying under and learning from the best Chinese medicine and acupuncture practitioners in the world. Dr Jimmy Chang PhD from Taiwan, Dr Bob Doane from the USA and Professor Wen Cheng Wang from Australia.

  • Advanced Chinese pulse diagnosis to determine what’s wrong and how we can best treat it
  • Distal acupuncture that has an immediate and dramatic effect to substantially reduce or eliminate pain
  • Bowen Therapy as a highly effective, needle-free option to eliminate pain
  • Tailored herbal formulas to return you to a state of good health
  • Highly effective dietary advice to help you return to health faster and keep it that way
bruce stafford

Dr Bruce with Bob Doane, Seattle – the largest
Chinese Medicine Clinic in the USA

Why Chinese Medicine Works So Well

The key to good health is good blood flow.  Everything your body needs is in your blood – it just has to make it everywhere in your body in good volume.  Your body is a marvellous machine very capable of keeping you in good health and repairing problems – but it can only do this if your blood flow is good.

Just think about it: if the blood flow to your right arm was reduced, your whole arm would become weak and sore and start to malfunction (it’s kind of like a car engine that only gets half the fuel it needs – it will sputter and struggle to work properly).  It’s the same with everything else in your body including your organs. I often refer to myself as a body plumber – I make sure your plumbing (circulation) is working effectively so your body can do its job and keep you in good health.

Chinese medicine is all about restoring and promoting good blood flow. By doing this I treat both the root (the root cause of the problem) and the branch (the symptoms).

How Can I Help You?

If you are in pain and tired of taking medications, not getting treatment that resolves it, being told there’s nothing they can do, being told that it’s normal and you’ll have to live with it and how it is effecting your life, your work and your relationships… you must act to do something about it.

Chinese medicine takes an entirely different approach to pain.  I have a set of treatment tools that no other form of western or alternative medicine has in acupuncture, Chinese herbs, tui na (gentle manipulation), cupping and diet therapy.

Patients often say that they cannot believe the difference I can make even in the first treatment.

I would love the opportunity to discuss with you how acupuncture can help you feel like your old self again.

Dr. Sandra Wu (CMD)

  • Pain-relief expert
  • Rapid weight loss expert
  • Licenced with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia
  • Member of The Australian Traditional Medicine Association

Sandra graduated from Victoria University of Technology with a Bachelor of Health Science – Acupuncture in 2000.  She has studied at Guangzhou University/hospital of TCM in China completing her training in acupuncture and pain relief.

Over the last 15 years Sandra has amassed over 5,000 patient visits helping people to eliminate pain and lose weight.

Sandra also speaks Cantonese.

Sandra is available for consultations on Wednesdays.

Dr. Julia Cho (CMD)

  • Pain-relief expert
  • Cosmetic acupuncture expert
  • Licenced with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia
  • Member of The Australian Natural Therapists Association

Julia is a caring and passionate practitioner who enjoy helping her patients to balance their bodies, maintain good health and live a happy lifestyle. She graduated from RMIT with a double degree in Chinese medicine. After completion of studies, she went to South Korea to complete her training in cosmetic acupuncture.

She has had extensive clinical experience treating chronic pain in Jiang Su Provincial Hospital of TCM in China, Tung Shin Hospital in Malaysia and Jeong Jiheng oriental medicine clinic in South Korea.

Julia also speaks Korean so she is able to provide consultations in Korean.

Chloe Damm

  • Reception
  • Patient Liaison

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