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60% of People Have Pre-clinical Heart Failure

pre clinical heart failure

60% of People Have Pre-clinical Heart Failure

Study: 60% of People Have Pre-Clinical Heart Failure

In a recent study of nearly 7,000 people, Boston University has revealed that 60% of people have pre-clinical heart failure and an elevated risk of actual heart failure (where the heart muscle is weakened to the point it can no longer function properly to meet the oxygen and blood supply needs of the body).

Boston university stated: “… the findings may serve as a dire prediction of a substantial rise in the morbidity and mortality resulting from heart failure in the community in the future”.  They also went on the state the importance of taking prevention measures now.

Pre-Clinical Heart Disease in Our Clinic

In our clinic we see pre-clinical heart disease in patients every day as shown in their radial pulse as we carry out our Chinese pulse diagnosis.  Western medicine conditions can include narrowing or blockage of the small or large vessels of the heart, valve problems, bundle branch block or other electrical problems or vasospasm of coronary vessels. From a Chinese medicine perspective it can manifest in symptoms of fatigue, anxiety and/or insomnia.

But with either form of medicine, preclinical heart failure is a condition with a high potential for serious health consequences.  We all know of someone who was fit and healthy but died of a heart attack.  Well, it’s highly likely they had pre-clinical heart disease.  And that can be the nature of it – no symptoms at all. But often there are symptoms including tiredness, anxiety or a lot of trouble sleeping.  These are often markers of pre-clinical heart disease.

Treating Pre-Clinical Heart Disease

Chinese medicine is uniquely placed to treat this pre-clinical heart failure through the use of specific Chinese herbs that re-vasodilate (reopen) vessels and strengthen the heart muscle. We treat patients with pre-clinical heart disease in our clinic every day.  When the heart vessels are open and clear and the heart is stronger, symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety and insomnia reduce substantially or go away entirely.

Western medicine is definitely the medicine of choice for clinical heart conditions, which are immediately life threatening such as angina or heart attacks.  However, if you want to take preventative action to help ensure you don’t get to that stage, come and see us for a free 15 minute Chinese pulse diagnosis.  We’ll advise you if you have pre-clinical heart disease and the extent of it.  We can then prescribe herbs to help steer you out of harm’s way.