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5 Ways Chinese Medicine Helps Rid Cold & Flu

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5 Ways Chinese Medicine Helps Rid Cold & Flu

Cold and flu season is here in force.  Chinese medicine is brilliant at treating cold and flu, particularly stubborn symptoms like cough, sinus congestion headaches and fatigue.

Boosting Your Immune System

If you keep getting colds or have a heck of a time getting rid of them, your immunity is too weak. There are specific Chinese herbs that build up your immune system to ward off the dreaded lurgy or to more quickly recover from it.

Stopping Cold/Flu Dead in Its Tracks

As soon as you feel a cold coming on (it could be a sore throat, a sniffle, feeling cold, sneezing, stiff neck – you’ll know your symptoms) come in for some cupping and a burst of Chinese herbs.  At this early stage we have a chance of stopping your cold dead in its track before it becomes a problem – but you must act fast and see us on the day you start to notice symptoms. We’ll also use cupping, which almost literally sucks the cold out of you.

Helping You Fight Off a Full-Blown Cold

If you can’t make it into the clinic early enough, your cold will progress to the next stage which may include symptoms like feeling hot, yellow or green mucus, raging sore throat, substantial sinus congestion, fever, headache and cough.

Which herbs we give you will depend whether or not your cold is bacterial or viral – which we can tell by reading your radial pulse. We’ll also give you cupping.  The herbs and cupping will help alleviate symptoms and your body fight off the cold.

Helping You Recover from a Cold

If you are having trouble recovering from your cold with a cough that just won’t go or a nose that just won’t decongest, we have Chinese herbs that will help you kick your cough and clear your nose up.

Helping You Help Yourself

You can also help yourself avoid a cold in the first place by keeping the back of your neck warm (high collar or scarf), making sure you dry your hair with a dryer after taking a shower (ie. don’t walk around with wet hair) and wash your hands frequently when out and about (or use antibacterial hand gel).

Cold and flu medications are generally not very good for your stomach or liver and antibiotics can damage your stomach and your gut flora if taken too often.

Cold and flu season doesn’t have to mean cold and flu medication, antibiotics and misery.  Use Chinese medicine to build your immunity, stop colds dead in their tracks and recover much more quickly.