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Conditions we Treat

Do you suffer from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, anxiety, depression, tiredness, sleep problems, headaches, migraines, allergies, menopausal symptoms, sinusitis, period problems or infertility? Do you want to lose weight and feel good again to live a happy and productive life? We offer a safe, effective and drug-free alternative in Melbourne.

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Acupuncture melbourne
Acupuncture melbourne

Acupuncture Melbourne

We practice both local and distal acupuncture to get you the best result in the shortest time. Find out more about acupuncture in Melbourne.

Watch this quick video on how acupuncture really works.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Are you tired of experiencing the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs? Chinese Herbal Medicine effectively treats the root cause of problems to relieve or eliminate symptoms (rather than just masking them). Chinese Herbal Medicine provides a real alternative to drugs in treating a very wide range of health problems, safely and naturally.

See a video of us creating a tailored Chinese herbal formula for a patient.

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pulse diagnosis

Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

By taking your pulse, we can determine exactly what’s wrong and how to treat it. There is a saying ‘the pulse tells the truth’. There are few practitioners around the world who can accurately read a pulse.

Book in for a free 15 minute Chinese Pulse Diagnosis & Health Check or come and see read pulses us at a local event.

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Dr Bruce Stafford (CMD)

Dr. Bruce Stafford (CMD) is a Physician of Chinese Medicine who is a registered practitioner with the Chinese Medical Registration Board, member of The Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association and Tai Chi and Qigong instructor.

Bruce studied directly under Professor Wen Cheng Wang, a master practitioner specialising in pulse diagnosis and Chinese Orthopaedics. Professor Wang studied under Dr. Yan Ji-Cheng, who was a famous orthopaedic specialist in Beijing. And he in-turn studied under the renowned orthopaedic specialist Dong Wan-Xin, who established the Feng Sheng hospital in the western district of Beijing. Bruce has also studied under Masters in Taiwan and the USA.

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Dr Sandra Wu (Acupuncture)

Sandra graduated from Victoria University of Technology with a Bachelor of Health Science – Acupuncture in 2000.  She has studied at Guangzhou University/hospital of TCM in China completing her training in fertility and cosmetic acupuncture.

Over the last 15 years Sandra has practiced in Williamstown and Shepparton helping many clients with facial rejuvenation (wrinkles, eye bags and dull/tired complexion), fertility and preganancy and with pain, digestive issues and stress.

Now after starting a young family, Sandra has moved back to Melbourne to join Emperor’s Acupuncture mainly specialising in fertility, cosmetic acupuncture and pain management.

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