Let Us Awaken Your Body’s Formidable Natural Healing Capabilities With 100% Natural Medicine Natural Healing Capabilities With 100% Natural Medicine

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Acupuncture to Help You Become Free of Acupuncture to Help You Become Free of Health Problems for a Better Life.

If you have a health issue that’s just not getting better, Chinese medicine & acupuncture Moonee Ponds may be the solution you’ve been looking for.  We approach your health in an entirely different way to Western medicine with an entirely different set of diagnostic tools in Chinese Pulse Diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, adrenal function tests and a thorough health background.

We Acupuncturists also treat you in an entirely different way.  Rather than relying on the ongoing use of medications, we treat to restore your body’s function to normal so you may no longer need to take medication.  Our aim is to get your body to stand on its own two feet again.  Treatments include Chinese acupuncture, tui na (gentle muscle and fascia massage), herbs, cupping and diet therapy.

Read more about our process.  In short, we invite you in to meet us and learn more. This way we can see if we are a good fit for each other and your health needs.

If you are struggling with your health, not getting the improvements you are looking for or are tired of taking medications, call us today to discover how we acupuncturists can help you return to good health.

Do You Have a Health Problem That’s Just Not Getting Better?

Acupuncture Melbourne Treatment Areas

Drug-free pain relief for a wide range of  pain including back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, sciatica, endometriosis pain, period pain, fibromyalgia pain, headaches and migraines.  Acupuncture turns your body’s natural pain relief mechanisms back on.  Our aim is to relieve your pain now and to get you to stay feeling good.


Chinese acupuncturists have long been relied on to support fertility and pregnancy. To fall pregnant and carry a healthy baby to term, you need good base health going into motherhood. We help improve your base health heading into pregnancy. We provide IVF support acupuncture pre and post transfer. We also provide pain relief and nausea relief during pregnancy.


Hundreds of people in Melbourne who have had trouble losing weight and keeping it off have done just that in our 6 Week Weight Loss Program.  We assess how your organ health may be causing digestive and hormonal balance issues, which may be contributing to your weight.  We then prescribe particular foods to help you lose weight along with support acupuncture to help control your appetite and cravings.  If you’ve had trouble shedding and keeping off those kilos, we may have just what you need.  


Menstrual problems are oh-so common these days that it’s become ‘normal’ to experience them.  But the truth is that it’s not normal to experience significant problems.  Period problems include irregular periods, excessive or scant bleeding, pain and cramps, clotting, fatigue, back pain and pre-menstrual symptoms including bloating and irritability. They can all make for a miserable time each month.  In fact one of our patients said: ‘how can something that’s meant to be so wonderful be so awful!’. Chinese medicine can really make a difference to the pain your experience with your monthly cycle.

Cosmetic (also known as facial) acupuncture is a whole-of-body approach to helping you feel and look your best. It is an alternative to more harsh chemical or surgical-based procedures.  It’s also very relaxing.  One patient said: ‘I walk in and I float out!’.  If you would like to know how cosmetic acupuncture may help you, 

Perhaps what we are best known for is helping people with complex, unexplained or stubborn health issues return to better well being.  Sometimes your body gets into such a ‘mess’ it cannot recover without help.  Chinese medicine looks at your health in an entirely different way to Western medicine.  Your Acupuncturist will diagnose you using very different techniques and we treat you using very different tools in acupuncture,  and diet.  If you have never considered Chinese medicine, we may provide the very answers you’ve been looking for.  And you can book a free assessment where one of our Acupuncturists will assess you and advise if we believe we can help you.


Acupuncture Services Acupuncture Services

Chinese acupuncture has been in use for thousands of years to treat a wide range of health problems.  Acupuncturists insert very fine needles into different areas to trigger your body’s natural healing mechanisms.  One of the main responses is substantially improved blood flow to the area of pain or the organ that is not functioning well.  With good blood flow comes good health.  By returning your body back to normal function, an acupuncturist aims to get your body to ‘stand on its own two feet’ again so it can look after itself and keep you healthy.

What you eat can make a big difference to your health.  Chinese medicine looks at foods differently.  We look at how foods affect the temperatures in your body as well as what the flavours do to you.  The different flavours of sweet, salty, sour, bitter and pungent all act differently on your body.  So there will be some foods that help you and some that cause you trouble.  We’ll advise you about diet at your appointment.

Chinese pulse diagnosis is the mainstay of how we diagnose health issues and track improvements.  Your Acupuncturist will read the subtleties of blood flow in the radial artery on your wrist to be able to determine a great deal of what’s going on with your health and what is likely causing you health problems. During a Free Health Breakthrough Consultation, we’ll read your pulses and you might be surprised what we tell you from it!  Pulse diagnosis is unique to Chinese medicine and is ancient technique for modern health problems for people living in Melbourne.

What Makes Us Different?
Chinese pulse diagnosis is at the heart of how we diagnose you. Accurate pulse diagnosis leads to a more accurate overall diagnosis of what’s causing your health issue. This is the key to more efficient and effective treatments.
What Registrations Do We Hold?
CIn Australia, Chinese medicine is regulated by the Chinese Medicine Registration Board. All Chinese medicine practitioners must hold a current registration with the Board. We are also members of a main industry association.
Where Is Our Clinic?
Our modern clinic is located in Moonee Ponds, next to Essendon and just North of the Melbourne CBD. We also welcome people from surrounding suburbs of Brunswick, Ascot Vale, Coburg, Niddrie. We have patients from all over Melbourne.